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5 Acts of Time

poetry time Apr 07, 2017

Time is a Stage For Transformation



Time is not logical or linear.

Yet, we frame it,

encapsulate it,

try to capture it,

freeze it,

stop it.

Stop It!


You do not own time – you have been graced with time.

It is not yours to give – it is yours to honor.

You have been honored with time – it is yours to care for.

You have been cared for by time – it is yours to share.

What is time?


Act 1:

Your location in time: presence.

You are here now.

Feel the fullness of breath and you feel time cradle you.

Now breathe.

Breathe slowly,

move slowly,


feel the space between breath.

This experience of time expands.

Now breathe.

Breathe frantically,

move frantically,


feel frantic, shallow, no depth in breath.

This experience of time hastens, jumbles.

Now Breathe.

Breathe DEEPLY,

move fully,

feel your body in space breathing fully with this moment

with this moment.

This experience of time is alive – freeing.

Act 2:


We do not feel time – we feel what happens in time.

We feel what is accessible through time.

Your desire in time: change.

Be here now.

Time doesn’t change,

nor is time – change.

Change is our response in time:





Time is a stage for transformation.


Act 3:

Your companion in time: awareness.

Feel now.

Awareness gives access to time.

Through awareness you meet time.

the witness,

the observer,

the wizard of now.

Without awareness

Would you “know” time?

Without awareness

Would you feel now?

Awareness – take a bow.


Act 4:

Your virtue in time: patience.

See now.

Patience honors time with prestige – complete acceptance

A sensation;

An honor of the process;

An appreciation for what is.

Neither wanting

or needing.

Patience offers an opening:

to feel

to reflect.

Patience invites you:

to slow the mind,

to slow the mind.


What happens when you slow the mind?

Clarity begins to enter,

Access to quality begins to open,

Connection to what is – forms a bond,

You begin to feel, deeply,

And an understanding enters the moment with you.

Herein lies patience.


Act 5:

Time on the stage of transformation:

What is time?

Time is an illusion.

The Illusion is perception: individual interpretation.

it is the force that allows two points of singularity to form duality

it is attention: presence

it is ignorance: absence

it is tension: resistance

it is the beauty in death

and the tragedy in life.

Life is not time, life happens in time.

Time began before life.

So, how does life know time?

Ask awareness.

Time is always.

Time is constant.

Location: presence,

Desire: change

Companion: awareness

Virtue: patience

Time is a reference point to the illusion of when.

Time is the womb of creation – the birth of now.

Time moves to the beat of stillness – expanding instantly.

It is the love that cradles all in a circle of awareness.

Time is a stage for transformation.




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