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Bravery Arise

poetry Apr 02, 2020

Bravery Arise

There is a strength in your heart,
you find it through courage.
Your bravery rests within;
until called upon to act.
You reach a point where there is more pain in going back than to 
march forward anew.
Faith regains hope.
Doubt dissolves.
In this darkness you feel your light.
Honour your heart.
Bravery arise.
Through courage you are found.
Your journey forward challenges
the Dreams you hold,
Ideals you adopted,
Expectations you created.
And ask your courage to come forward. 
Require you to raise your standards. 
Call you to arms for what’s right. 
Acknowledge the voice within.
Listen to your heart.
Trust your gut.
Open your mind.
Give a shit.
Feel all of it.
There is a strength in your heart.
Bravery arise!
- Simon Asmus
Photo by skeeze from Pixabay

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