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About Us

Our marks matter!
Art & design allow us to communicate, at a deeper level, our feelings, inner messages and core intentions.
As an artist, designer & health-nut, I’m here support holistic entrepreneurs & heart centred businesses in integrating and aligning intention with design.
The creative energy invested into every project is intended to help us connect and feel the innate good within, to decorate life with meaning & honour good intention as a signal and reminder to spread care and consideration for what matters.
The creative works I make are vehicles for messages from the Universe & Mother Earth, to guide us along our journey and bring to light what is hidden in darkness & to what is good right & true.
It’s important to remember that we all share the same home: Planet Earth & she deserves our care and quality attention. As a collective, we can help one another open & realize true value of health and wellness & restore balance and harmony within ourselves and our home.
Your mark matters.
Make it personal, make it meaningful & make it right!
Let’s bring morals back to business and colour to your life.
- Simon Asmus

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